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What This Program Can Do For You

In this unique and comprehensive step-by-step training programme we guide you through everything you need to know to practice Animal Reiki on your own pets and animal clients! So you can progress your knowledge and experience working with animals and expand your Reiki Practice to help support the needs and wellbeing of our furry friends. 

Work with Animals

If you are a pet-owner or an animal lover, and the thought of helping animals in your Wellness business inspires you, then you are in the right place! Learn with one of the world's leading and longest running Online Reiki Training Schools

Formalise Your Experience

Whether you are a complete newbie to energy healing, or an experienced Reiki Practitioner/Master, this course is accessible to all levels of experience. Expand your knowledge and formalise your existing experience working with animals.

Grow your Reiki Business

Do you want to train your own Students in Animal Reiki techniques and run your own Animal Reiki Workshops? Animal Reiki is a gentle and beautiful modality to start or add to your Health, Beauty, Wellness or Pet-care business. 

Distant Attunements

Personal attunement ceremony to initiate you to Reiki Master Teacher Level. Book your attunement online at a time that suits you, so you can relax and enjoy the sacred Reiki ceremony! 

Full Certification

Internationally recognised Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certification - giving you the credentials to practice Animal Reiki & apply for insurance. Learn with a Training Academy you can trust.

Lifetime Access & Support

Lifetime access to the online learning portal, including future updates. In-course and email support from 4 highly experienced Reiki tutors who are there to support you at every step.  


Join over 100,000 Reiki Students who have trained with us!

"I am a Reiki Master Teacher and an animal lover. I decided to look for a Reiki course for animals because I wanted to start helping them as well. I have participated in many courses, but I was really delighted with this course. 

The course contains a very rich amount of materials and discusses in detail the most important issues that a future Animal Reiki Master Teacher who wants to work with animals should know. The training course is extensive and systematic. The transparent structure of the course allows for convenient implementation of individual tasks, as well as the use of information posted in practice."

Marcin Szmagała, Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher



Thousands of Happy Students!


"This was a great, educational, and really rewarding course.

I have studied Reiki and practiced on myself, but the information in this course was more in-depth than I had learned about in previous lessons. I thank you! 

I feel confident to work with my pets and others. Much love."

Phyllis Southards

Animal Reiki Master Teacher


"Thankyou very much for this wonderful course.

Living in India, I did not have too many options for Animal Reiki. Coming across this course was a Reiki miracle for me. 

I am so glad I did this course as it cleared by doubts on how Reiki can be used with animals."

Michelle Menon

Animal Reiki Master Teacher


"I have so much gratitude for all you do and providing this course. The Animal Reiki Master Teacher Course was so full of material and supportive of different ways to learn, I feel like it was designed for everyone: with all types of learners in mind. This course answered all of the questions I’ve had since I first heard of Reiki. Other courses pale in comparison. I highly recommend this course to others. You have answered my prayers & changed my life! Namaste"

Belina Ricco

Animal Reiki Master Teacher


Your Animal Reiki Master Course Curriculum

Here is a Brief Overview of the 20 easy-to-follow Training Modules in your course! Our members repeatedly tell us its the most comprehensive training they have ever received!

Module 1 - Introduction

We start with an introduction to Animal Reiki – looking at how Reiki can benefit the furry friends in our lives. You learn about and book your own Reiki Attunements to connect you with the Universal Life Force! 


Module 2 - The Foundations of Animal Reiki 

Learn about the history of Reiki and the guiding principles that shape its core values – the Five Principles. We look at what Reiki means and how it is used as a powerful alternative therapy.


Module 3 - How Animal Reiki Works

 In this module we learn about the energetic systems in the body – the aura, chakras and meridians. We look at the 7 chakra points, where you can find them in animals, the body systems they control, and how Reiki works to re-balance the whole system.


Module 4 - Preparing to Treat Animals with Reiki

We take you through all the necessary preparatory steps and considerations for beginning, working through and ending a session with an animal.  We study the typical reactions you can expect with the animals you work with and how to interpret them.


Module 5 - Treating Animals with Hands-on Reiki

This module looks at Hands-on Reiki – where you perform Reiki with your hands directly on the animal or hovering slightly above. We look at aura scanning and how to beam Reiki short distances.


Module 6 - Animal Reiki for Dogs 

This module looks at how to work through a session with a dog – studying the practical considerations for treating a dog, typical signs of Reiki acceptance and how to end the session. 


Module 7 - Animal Reiki for Cats

This module looks at how to work through a session with a cat – studying the practical considerations for treating a cat, typical signs of Reiki acceptance and how to end the session. 


Module 8 - Animal Reiki for Horses

This module looks at how to work through a session with a horse – studying the practical considerations for treating a horse, typical signs of Reiki acceptance and how to end the session. 


Module 9 - Animal Reiki for Birds

This module looks at how to work through a session with a bird – studying the practical considerations for treating a bird, typical signs of Reiki acceptance and how to end the session. 


Module 10 - Animal Reiki for Small Animals 

This module looks at how to work through a session with small animals  – for example rabbits, hamsters, lizards and pet fish.    


Module 11 - The Three Pillars of Reiki

This module looks at the Three Pillars of Reiki, rituals which enable the practitioner to connect to their higher self and open up as a channel for the Universal Life Force, deepening your Reiki intuition. 

Animal Reiki

Module 12 - Reiki Symbols for Animal Reiki

In this module we will take you through all four of the Sacred Reiki symbols and how you can use them to unlock greater levels of power and amplify the Universal Life Force.  


Module 13 - Sending Animal Reiki Distantly

Distant Reiki gives us the ability to send healing energy across space and time! Using the Sacred Symbols and powerful visualisation we can send Reiki to animals that we cannot get close to – for example nervous rescue animals, wild animals and simply clients that are far away from us but we still want to work with!


Module 14 - Advanced Animal Reiki

As you begin to work more with Reiki and the distant healing techniques, you will be able to help a wider range of animals. In this Module we will look at working with livestock, wildlife, marine animals, supporting conservation efforts, groups of animals, working animals and pregnant animals.


Module 15 - Reiki & Pets Crossing Over 

The death of a much beloved pet can be one of the most heart-breaking things an owner can ever experience. In this module we look at how Reiki can help this transition and the things we need to be very weary and respectful of with our clients. 


Module 16 - Working with Rescue Animals & Animals in Shelters

This modules looks at how to work with rescue animals and shelter animals who may be very nervous around humans or need a lot of support because of past experiences. May Reiki Masters like to use Reiki to help these animals.   


Module 17 - Attunements

We look at the Reiki attunement ceremony in more detail – how to prepare for the attunement and how to give an attunement to another person and also an animal, so you can connect with animals on a deeper level and also attune your own Animal Reiki students. 


Module 18 - Communication 

This module looks at how you can communicate more effectively with animals, developing your confidence and intuition when working with animals. We talk more about gaining consent from the animal in the session and how you can open you mind to connect with an animal on a deeper level. 


Module 19 - Conclusion and Quiz 

Test your knowledge with our End-of-Course Quiz! 


Module 20 - Course Downloads and Bonuses 

Download your Course Bonuses and your Animal Reiki Master Certificate.   

Why Learn Reiki with the Reiki Store?

Ultimate Flexibility

Become a Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher working at your own pace with Lifetime access and no deadlines!

Learn from Anywhere

Study on the go, or from the comfort & privacy of your own home. Access from your mobile, tablet or PC.

Accredited Certifications

Accreditation by the Reiki Healing Association for an endorsed curriculum and best practice.

Video lessons (CC)

With printouts & step by step instruction so you can get to grips with the course content.

Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves on our customer service. With 4 Reiki Masters guiding you on your study, you will never be alone!

Trusted Industry Leaders

We've been teaching students at all levels of experience for close to three decades! We care about our students and are highly rated.


Real Feedback from Our Animal Reiki Students

Amazing feedback from our customers from around the World

Just after finishing the Animal Reiki course and wanted to let you know it was the most enjoyable course I’ve ever done. Thank you so much, I have learned so much!


Jane Doyle

Animal Reiki Master Teacher

With this Animal Reiki course I felt more confident with Reiki and animals. A few weeks ago, I had my first distant Reiki with a friend’s horse. It was amazing!


Roger Roy

Animal Reiki Master Teacher  

Thank you so much for creating this course. I feel so much more confident in my ability to work with my own pet as well as other animals.



Animal Reiki Master Teacher  

Thankyou - great course. Easy to understand yet comprehensive. I am excited to add Reiki to my pet care business. Love and Light.


Joanna Mccarthy

Animal Reiki Master Teacher  

I am super excited to take this course and build upon the animal Reiki I have already been honoured to participate in. This course looks amazing and I thank you for putting together such a comprehensive list of units and modules. I can’t wait to continue!


Angela W

Animal Reiki Master Teacher  

Thank you so much for this course. I have gained an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. I look forward to my attunement tomorrow. Namaste.


Jinnett kroeger

Animal Reiki Master Teacher

Absolutely beautiful attunement, I teared up a few times and just let it release out what it needed to. Very strong energy. My one year old lab puppy stayed right at my feet this entire time. Thank you so much. 


Nicole Mccalmont

Animal Reiki Master Teacher  

I thoroughly loved this course. I looked forward to working on it daily especially during this time of Covid 19. It was very easy to follow and I also liked the extra videos as well. Thank you so much!


Suzanne Winters

Animal Reiki Master Teacher

I have truly enjoyed it with so much gratitude for all the useful information you have provided to all of us. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for years but with your course now I feel more complete. Thank you. With love and light


arzu calguner

Animal Reiki Master Teacher

I have so enjoyed this course. I became a Reiki Master in 2007 and have learned so much more in taking this Animal Reiki programme, as I am a Animal Intuitive also. I have loved this course, and many thanks for creating it. Namaste.


Sarah st paul

Animal Reiki Master Teacher

Thank you all for creating this very comprehensive course. I have enjoyed this course and gained a lot of knowledge from it. I now look forward to being able to share this beautiful energy with my pets and all other animals.


Deb Dobinson

Animal Reiki Master Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and look forward to continuing my animal Reiki journey, and deepening my practice with animals…I am not sure when I will actually teach, but feel I am well prepared to begin when that day comes. I have been practicing with animals for some time, but still learned much from the course.

Thanks very much, it was a great experience.


Ellen Pelevangu

Animal Reiki Master Teacher


We here to help, support and guide you...

You are never alone with our unrivalled email support with help and guidance from 4 Experienced Reiki Masters, with a comments forum to connect with your Tutors and other Members and a community of more than 100,000 like-minded members. We are a friendly and supportive family team - lead by Garry and Adele Malone who set up the Reiki-Store in 1997.

At the time, there were a lot of barriers to accessing quality Reiki training. When they started running Reiki workshops in London and Hertfordshire, quickly friends and students from across the world where getting in touch wanting to find out more about Reiki. With the mission to make Reiki training more accessible to everyone, Garry & Adele created The Reiki Store to provide everything needed to learn, practice and teach Reiki professionally - all in one place and online - to connect as many people as possible to a more natural and holistic way of living

Your Questions Answered

How Can Animal Reiki Benefit your Pets & Animal Clients?

Reiki works to boost natural immunity and healing by clearing energy blocks and any barriers to the healthy flow of energy.  Reiki is one of the simplest and safest techniques you can learn today and is becoming an increasingly popular way to naturally care for the health and wellbeing of our beloved pets and animals. The benefits of Reiki energy for animals are profound. Some of the ways energy healing can help animals include:

- Promote deep relaxation in stressful situations – for example visiting the vet, travelling in a car, or introducing an animal to a new environment.

Reduce stress and anxiety, including separation anxiety.

- Reiki can be sent distantly to pets when we are away from them at work or on holiday.

Reiki can support and accelerate healing following surgery, illness or injury.

Reiki can help with behavioural or emotional problems following trauma, abuse or neglect.

- Reiki can help a grieving animal if their owners have passed.

- Naturally reduce side effects/boost positive effects of traditional medicine. 

Reiki can provide support for pregnant animals, animals with disabilities or older animals with terminal conditions.

- Reiki can help dying pets as they cross over, and also support their owners who are grieving.

- Reiki can be sent distantly to animals in distress – for example to animals affected by poaching, deforestation, pollution, hunting, oil spills, natural disasters and other human activities.

Reiki can naturally improve wellbeing and help to maintain health. 

- It can help us deepen our bonds with the animals in our life. And so much more!

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

There are no prerequisites to this course, other than a passion for animals and an open mind – this course will take you from beginner to Animal Reiki Master Teacher level, one step at a time. We cover the core foundations of Reiki and then guide you through more advanced techniques and all the practical considerations you need to get started with Animal Reiki. You just need an internet connection, and to be ability to view videos and download and open PDF documents. 

How many hours of energy work does this course count for?

With the video training and the guided practise activities in the course workbook, the course represents approx. 30+ hours of energy work.

How long do I have access to the course material?

We know that many of our students like to come back to the course when ever they need a refresher which is why we give you LIFETIME access to the course including all the course material and all future updates.

Is there a deadline to complete the course?

This course has no deadlines - we know our students have busy lives and want to learn at their own pace. So you can work through the lessons, videos, meditations and activities at a time that suits you. There is no pressure at all!

How long will it take to complete the course?

This course will take approximately 3-5 weeks to complete, based on working through the lessons, activities and carrying out a number of energy projects totalling 30+ hours of practical energy work. Of course you can work through the course at your own pace and there is no deadline to complete. 

Is this course accredited?

Yes. This course is accredited by The Reiki Healing Association.  

Will I receive a certificate and title after this course?

Yes! After you have completed this course you will be a Certified Usui Reiki Animal Master Teacher, ARMT, and will receive a certificate.  You will need to work through the video lessons, energy work and practical exercises and complete the course quiz. 

Why should I study Reiki with the Reiki Store? How is this course different from others?

At the Reiki Store, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive online courses that allow you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Founded by Garry and Adele Malone in 1997 with the mission to make the power of Reiki energy accessible to everyone, we specialise in holistic training courses that improve health and wellbeing and we are proud to have helped over 100,000 students on their path to Reiki mastery.

The Reiki Store was one of the first online therapy schools and has earned a reputation as a leader in the Health and Wellness circle. In a noisy, demanding and stressful world, we strive to provide an online learning sanctuary that is grounded in balance, calm, wellness and mindfulness. We know life is busy which is why our courses are easy to follow and master. We include lots of different learning tools to cater to all our students different learning needs (videos, infographics, meditations, summary notes, quizzes, activities etc.) 

We care about our students success and love to see our students go on to develop their own Reiki Practices. There is a real community feel here at The Reiki Store - and we believe that our courses will have a positive impact on your life and your spiritual journey! At the heart of this course is a passion for animals and their wellbeing. We want to help as many animals as possible, training respectful and compassionate Animal Reiki Master Teachers who can spread the power of Reiki across the world. 

Do your Videos have Sub-Titles (cc)?

Yes. All of the training videos included in this course have optional Sub Titles which you can access using the CC icon on the video player.

Who will benefit from this course?

Any animal lover looking to deepen their connection to animals and enhance their ability to care for and communicate with animals.

•Pet owners who want to holistically support the needs of their pets.

•Anyone who works with animals: Dog walkers, competitive animal trainers, horse-riders, groomers, farmers, breeders, veterinary professionals, Rescue workers and volunteer staff at shelters and kennels, therapy animal workers.

•Reiki professionals looking to expand their Reiki knowledge and the breath of their professional services in their Reiki business.

•Animal Reiki Practitioners who are looking to become an Animal Reiki Master Teacher, and top up their knowledge and expertise. 

What approach do you take to Animal Reiki?

We will teach you all you need to know about Reiki and how to work with animal clients. An important part of this for us, is understanding that the session is a partnership between you and the animal – you are there as a channel for Reiki energy, and the animal should have complete control over how the session progresses. Whilst you need to learn the basic framework of an Animal Reiki treatment, we believe that every animal Reiki session is unique and should be tailored to the needs of the animal, you should always be respectful of their comfort and carefully respond to their reactions and behavioural changes throughout the session, listening to your own intuition to guide you through. As well as adopting a very respectful approach to this work with our animal companions, we also prioritise the safety of our students and make sure we give you the guidance you need to feel safe, comfortable and confident working around animals of all shapes and sizes - both wild and domestic. 

We give you the tools and development space to evolve your intuition, so you can connect with animals on a deeper level and respond to their needs.

Can your Learn Animal Reiki online without a workshop?

Yes you can - in fact learning online has become the most popular ways to study and master Reiki. You can learn at your own pace, download the materials you need, and there is no rush or need to fight for the attention of the tutor. You get all the time you need to review the course and ask questions as you work your way through the course. Even Dr Usui - the founder of Reiki trained himself without a workshop! 

We believe it would be unfair to ask an animal to stay around all day working with students they are not familiar with so we  think this is a great way to learn about using energy healing with animals. 

Do distant attunements work?

Much has been written about distant attunements in Reiki. In our experience, and more importantly in the experience of the many students who have completed our Reiki home study courses and received distant attunements from us, distant attunements are just as effective as attunements received in person during a workshop or therapy session. We provide this service because we believe that Reiki should be available to everyone,  without the need to attend expensive and often difficult-to-get-to live workshops and lengthy training programmes. 

I have already taken Reiki courses and received an attunement can I still take this course?

Absolutely! Your will receive a Distant Attunement to Usui Reiki Master Teacher Level by 2 experienced Reiki Masters. In fact many of our Animal Reiki students are already Reiki Practitioners and have been previously attuned to Reiki. There is no harm in having an energy top-up or a re-attunement and many of our students have told us just how much they enjoyed the distant attunement - often a family pet will approach them and join in the healing session - it's quite beautiful!

Lots of our students come to train with us simply because they felt overwhelmed at the live workshops they had previously attended and go on to tell us that they didn't get the time or the information they needed in their original training, and they were recommended to our programme as it is so comprehensive and easy to follow.

We welcome students at all levels of experience and even if you are simply looking for a refresher or are just interested in learning more about Animal Reiki, this course will cover all the topics you need. 

What is Reiki and how does it work with traditional veterinary medicine?

Reiki is an ancient and natural form of energy healing that is practiced by numerous practitioners around the world in order to help people and animals relax and balance the energy systems in their body and naturally boost their own innate healing abilities. It is very important to note that energy healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. Reiki should always only be used in conjunction with veterinary medicine not in place of veterinary medicine or advice. Practitioners of Reiki do not diagnose medical conditions nor do they prescribe, perform medical treatment, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

You should always seek medical advice from a qualified vet or medical practitioner if you believe an animal to be unwell. 

Will this work in my country?

Absolutely! We have students in more than 150 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Australia and more. As long as you can understand English and have an internet connection, you can access the course!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We offer a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee.

If you are not happy or completely satisfied then drop us an email within 7 days of your purchase via our support page and we will refund your payment in full.

What kind of support will I receive with this course?

You will have ongoing email support as a Reiki Store Student from 4 highly experienced Reiki Masters/Teachers and Animal Reiki Master Teachers who will help and guide you on your Reiki journey! We share your passion for the animal kingdom and are so excited and honoured to be a part of your Reiki journey.

Is this course for personal use only?

Yes. Our Animal Reiki Master Teacher training program is for personal use only. Which means you cannot share, copy or  reproduce any of our Signature and copyrighted Animal Reiki Master Teacher course material with anyone else.

Get Full Lifetime Access to our Best-Selling Animal Reiki Master Teacher Online Course for only $497

Discover the natural pet-care energy technique that is changing the way we support our pets and animals!

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The information and techniques in this course do not constitute medical advice. Reiki and medicine are two very different disciplines. You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified veterinary practitioner in the case of serious illness or if you have any concerns about your pets.

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